I have written several reviews of events on furtherfield see http://www.furtherfield.org/display_user.php?ID=880 for more  
Intersubjective Engagements Via Media Art Essay for press pack for Playware exhibition held at Laboral, Asturias, Spain  
Tenori -On ! a report on a presentation by Toshio Awai of his latest invention, a musical instrument with a visual interface  
From the big bang to forensic detachment in a nanosecond An essay on the work of Andrew Davidhazy published in publication 'Sequences'
Date: forthcoming

Game/Play an extended paper based on the essay 'The Space Between' from the Game/Play exhibition catalogue excepted for presentation at Engage '06 at the Creativity and Cognition Studio's Sydney NSW. pdf of catalogue and original essay available at www.game-play.org.uk

Go West An essay on the work of Olga Jurgenson to be published shortly on the net  
Art and Data Mapping published in 'lovely weather' ISBN 0-920810-73-X
Diane Maclean Exhibition Catalogue 2004
and online at http://www.msac.uoguelph.ca/maclean1.htm
other texts  
introduction to sequences catalogue (unpublished)