artists statement

My Curatorial and artistic practice currently explores the theme of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). I am interested in exploring the possibilities that technology affords us to communicate, interact, and play with one and other. Specifically, I wish to explore the potential technology has to aid a collaborative, socio-dramatic, creative process.

In order to explore these issues I am producing artworks that utilise children's play and their interaction with one and other. The artworks are generative in nature and the users relationship to the art is that of significant, active participant in its creation.

Iona and Peter Opie (1969) witnessed children whose play was physical and explorational, who invented their own games and rules and, free from adult supervision, engaged with one and other on their own terms. I wish to harness the potential of digital technology to enhance these tangible processes.

I am interested in what D W Winnicott (1991) terms transitional phenomena: the space between the mother and the child, the individual and society. The place at which Winnicott sees play beginning and that eventually leads to cultural life. Technology has the potential to provide a locus for these phenomena. For Winnicott, it is play that is fundamental, in helping form the individual. Studying how digital culture has affected the ways we play may give us clues as to what affect technology has had upon our psychological development in general over the past few decades.

I wish to investigate social and technological interaction amongst children. I wish to bring children's play into the locus of the art gallery. I wish to create art through the interactions of children with the work and with one and other. The intention is for these interactions to enable the children to form an active user relationship with the work. My work broadly explores imaginative play as mediated by technology and examines the effect of the digital realm on child development.