Giles Askham founded Peterborough Digital Arts in 2003 and curated its award winning programme for two years, working on exhibitions such as Freefall, Lovely Weather, Re:Thinking:Time, and Sequences. Lovely Weather was an international partnership with the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Canada, while Re:Thinking:Time provided the first overview of experimental work created during Labculture, the pioneering artists' residency programme developed by PVA. He left in 2005 to work independently and to study for his MFA at Nottingham Trent University.

In 2006 he was lead curator and coordinator of Game/Play, a collaboration between HTTP, London and Q-Arts, Derby. Game/Play was a networked exhibition that explored playful interaction and goal-oriented gaming through media arts practice. He has written extensively for publication, including a recent essay for Playware, an exhibition held at Laboral Centro de Arte y Creacion Industrial, Asturias, Spain. He has received a number of awards, including a bursary to study for his Master's degree and an international scholarship for the artists' residency program Interactive Screen 07 at the Banff New Media Centre, Canada. His curatorial and artistic practice broadly explores the territory mapped out by human computer interaction (HCI). He is interested in the possibilities that technology affords us to communicate, interact, and play with one another and its potential to aid a collaborative, creative process. He has developed artworks that aim to utilise people's playful interactions. Aquaplayne, for example, provides a space for socio-dramatic transaction; a surface as an interface. The user's relationship is that of a significant, active participant whose engagement with the work is physical and kinaesthetic.