Big Draw

16th October 2004
Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery

Animation Workshops with artists Emily Russell and Kristian De La Riva.

Emily and Kristian use a technique called 'Rotoscoping' with which they turn video footage into hand drawn cell animation. Our artists will teach participants these methods and help them produce a short animated scene. Participants are invited to copy the movements of animals.

The workshop was completely booked up and a huge success. We are considering running something similar in support of the next exhibition at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery ‘Sequences’.

Participants created their own props and performed little actions inspired by the theme of the day’s event ‘Wild Art’. They then used the technique of rotoscoping to transform these performances into hand drawn cell framed animations, a perfect combination of traditional drawing skills and technology. Comments on the day’s activity included:

“I found the workshop to be a fantastic educational experience as well as an enjoyable one”

“A nice mix of old and new technology”

“ I would recommend this workshop to a friend. A mix of art and broadcast technology”